Split point to round off the division 1 adventure for C’s

Horfield C 3 – Clevedon A 3

P. Krzyzanowski 0 – 1 D. Painter-Kooiman

M. Candelario 1 – 0 M. Walker

J. Fisher 0 – 1 P. Spiller

R. Attar 1 – 0 C Strong

R. Radford = D. Peters

N. Pollett = B. Grieve

The final game of the season for Horfield ‘C’ was at home against Clevedon ‘A’. Rob was the first to finish, coming up with a win after his opponent made a mistake. Bob fought back from a bad position to get a draw and Nigel did the opposite, giving up a winning advantage to claim his 10th draw of the season. Jon had been under a slow but constant attack for most of his game until finally his position caved in and the match was level. Matias had a pawn on the 7th rank for most of the game but was struggling to find a push it home. However, with time running out he finally found the right moves and the game was his. Patryk has been defending against a very active queen, but going into the end game was a pawn down and at a positional disadvantage which he never recovered from.  The match was drawn 3-3 which extended Horfield ‘C’ unbeaten run to 5 matches. If only Matias had been available from the beginning of the season!


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