Horfireld C 2-4Thornbury

Mike Levene 0-1 Lynda SmithNigel Pollett 0-1 Mike TownsendRoger Pearce 0.5 Andrew Borkowski Tom Holmes 0-1 Ian Sandford Prakash Chatterjee 1-0 Justin Yau Peter Marks 0.5 Jim Nichols
Final Result 2-4
The draw master from Thornbury (Mr Borkowski) did not disappoint by agreeing an early draw with Roger. Nigel had an isolated pawn in the centre of the board which the game pivoted around.  His position was contained and a strong Mike Townsend took full advantage and quickly exposed Nigel’s King and the game was over. Peter and Jim reached an even looking end game with just the Kings and a number of pawns remaining. Jim missed a move that could have won him the game and a draw was agreed. Mike was under attack from very early on from a strong king side attack. Lynda played well to open up Mikes King and with Mikes time and options running out, he resigned. Tom was fighting hard to prevent Ian’s past pawn from reaching the 8th rank, but when Ian’s rook took the defending bishop, Tom’s own rook did not have time to get back and stop the advance. Prakash played a good open game and exchanged his rook for a knight leaving him with a strong knight and past pawn. At first glance it looked like the game was equal, but as soon as he started pushing the pawn, it was clear that he had the advantage. With Justin’s time running out Prakash moved quickly to clean up his opponents pieces and win a very hard fought and entertaining game. 


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