Horfield A Lose Heavily To Clevedon A

 Horfield A            Clevedon A 1. Derek Pugh        0-1 Peter Chaplin2. Peter Kirby       0.5 Max Walker2. Mike Harris       0-1 David Painter-Kooiman4. Matias Candelario 0.5 Matthew Wilson5. Philip Nendick    0-1 David Peters6. Pete Marks        0.5 Chris Strong                   1.5 – 4.5

It goes without saying that Clevedon’s belief in themselves is to be admired as they fear no one. Last night as a team they were just too good for Horfield A but more than that they were out graded on most boards. Horfield A had 4 of their 6 registered players + Matias Perez Candelario and Peter Marks on bottom board.

It was not long before you could see that something was very wrong as the top board Derek Pugh was unhappy with his position shaking his head not long before he had to resign against Peter Chaplin who is capable of duffing up the strongest players in Bristol. Peter Kirby was held to a draw by Max Walker. Mike Harris gradually saw his position slipping away and could do nothing as David took complete control of the centre to win strongly. Mathew Wilson survived an assault on his kingside to counter with a an attack of his own picking up pawns along the way which led to an endgame of Bishop+Knight and 3 pawns v R +B and1 pawn. Mathew offered a draw but with the team struggling, Matias was willing to take one for the team if necessary and so rejected the offer and played on giving up his Bishop for a Knight but could make no progress and a draw was agreed once the result of the match was not in doubt. Phil seemed to be fairly even but something happened and later appeared to be in real trouble as his passed central pawn made it to the 7th rank but could not be of any real influence in winning the game and Phil finally succumbed at a later stage as David played confidently against his higher rated player. Peter Marks got a very creditable draw against a stronger opponent but it was not enough as the A team slipped to another defeat.


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