No Christmas Present For Horfield A From Clifton B This Year.

Horfield A         Clifton B
1. Derek Pugh     0.5 Chris Beaumont
2. Mike Harris    0-1 Andrew Muir
3. Peter Kirby    0-1 Zygimantas Svitojus
4. Steve Dilleigh 1-0 John Waterfield
5. Phil Nendick   0-1 Manuel Sierra
6. Roger Pearce   1-0 Anton Muller
               2.5 – 3.5
Horfield A were unable to get the win and join the front runners at Christmas as hoped.
The title race which seems so tight this year has several  teams involved at the half way point. Doubly disappointing is that Horfield have suffered two major defeats to Clifton in the last week. We look forward to meeting them again in the New Year.

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