Quite the week

Nigel Pollett (143)01Alex Belsley (UNG c.180)
Tom Holmes (142)01Daniel Savidge (194)
Piotr Zielinski (109)0.50.5Ian Gallagher (191)
Prakash Chatterjee (124)01Alice Lampard (174)
Mike Jennings (104)01Dan Varney (175)
Kana Balasubramaniam (73)01Andrew Porter (130)
Horfield C0.55.5University A
David Buckley (216)10Matais Candelario (187)
Roy Philips (200)10Paul Helbig (183)
Ardu Cayonlu (167)10John Richards (165)
Clive Walley (166)0.50.5Nigel Pollett (143)
Andrew Gregory (155)10Default
Christian Brown (150)10Default
Bath A5.50.5Horfield B
Jon Gould (139)10Pete Marks (131)
Richard Millener (143)0.50.5Tom Holmes (142)
Steve Woolgar (122)0.50.5Mike Jennings (104)
Will Mullaney (123)10Alex Dunn (111)
Kandara Acharya (127)10Graham Strickland (101)
David Redmill (98)0.50.5Kana Balasubramaniam (73)
North Bristol B4.51.5Horfield D

When someone comes to update the glorious history of Horfield and Redland Chess Club I imagine they will draw a veil over this last week.

18 games played, 13 lost, 5 drawn.

On Tuesday the University were simply too good. Piotr got a drawn, probably should have won the knight and pawn ending but was very short on time and should be happy with holding a player a mere 82 grading points higher.

On Wednesday we decided that four players was enough against Bath. Would seem it wasn’t. Nigel should have won his knight and pawn ending but short on time and it ended in stalemate. As it goes.

On Thursday we were well beaten by a higher graded North Bristol (better than the 6-0 in the reverse fixture before Christmas so that counts as progress). Kana and David created the excitement by finishing their game without clearly agreeing whether it was a resignation or stalemate (and with both short on time moves were no longer being recorded). Stalemate was agreed sensibly but a lesson of sorts.

Those away for half-term had the best of it.


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