Match Report: University A vs Horfield A (14 October): Students too good.

For second night in a row the stronger team demonstrated that stronger teams are stronger because they are stronger. 

We were out-gunned in particular on boards 4-6 and went 3-0 down. James had a promising attack but a rook sac turned out to be unsound. We were equal on the top three boards but overall the score-line reflects the difference in depth between the teams. A slight surprise University put their weakest player on board 1; certainly it made it even harder for us. 

So a week of three matches; one draw and two loses. Onwards and upwards I guess! 

1James Clarke (1884)0Derek Pugh (2169)1
2Dan Savidge (2148)1Matias Candelario (2138)0
3Ian Gallagher (2080).5Phil Nendick (1969).5
4Dan Varney (2005)1Nigel Pollett (1788)0
5Dorian Schieffer (1975)1James Facey (1663)0
6Tom Shepherd (2028)1Prakash Chatterjee (1638)0
 University A4.5Horfield A1.5

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