Match Report: Downend B vs Horfield A (3 November): Back to winning ways

A really satisfying result versus a strong Downend B team who in particular had the grading edge on the bottom two boards.

Derek lost on board 1 in a game that looked like it could have gone either way but on the rest of the boards we were undefeated. On board 2 Matias was under the pump early on but he gave up the exchange to ease the pressure and then won an ending with three connected passed pawns gradually advancing down the board like space invaders [thanks Peter for the metaphor]. Phil’s game was heading for a draw in a rook ending but Graham made a positional mistake and gave white’s king a safe haven in the middle of the board in front of a backward pawn allowing Phil to dominate the ending and continue his great start to the season.

The battle of the Peter’s on board 4 started with an unusual opening and ended with a static pawn structure with no pawn breaks. Peter K managed to liquidate down into a double rook and queen ending to alleviate the positional pressure and with no winning chances he happily accepted Peter C’s draw offer [apologies Phil but I’ve chosen not to use your petered out joke as good as it was]. James’ game on 5 was up and down; Martin gave up a pawn for a strong attack but James managed to trade pieces whilst maintaining the pawn. Then Martin sacked the exchange and James missed a fork in time trouble allowing Martin to regain the exchange and a draw was agreed. Finally on 6 Mikey was making his league one debut and struggled out of the opening into a cramped position. He gave up the exchange to try to close the centre and Jack gave it back to try and open it. White certainly had the advantage but Jack blundered in time pressure missing a tactical sequence which included a capture with check for black and lost a rook and the game. So Mikey maintains his 100% record this season and the team win.


1Oscar Garcia (2169)1Derek Pugh (2162)0
2Oliver Stubbs (2082)0Matias Candelario (2122)1
3Graham Iwi (1997)0Phil Nendick (1977)1
4Peter Chaplin (2004)0.5Peter Kirby (2032)0.5
5Martin White (1872)0.5James Facey (1674)0.5
6Jack Tye (1819)0Mikey Wright (UNG)1
 Downend B2Horfield A4

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