Match Report: Horfield A vs Bath A (30 November): Another win.

We were significantly stronger than Bath who certainly didn’t have their best team out; the new world has impacted some clubs more than others. James finished quickly mating Roy in 21 moves after white blundered a knight and got his queen trapped in the first ten moves.  Nigel and Mikey didn’t have too many problems in winning their games putting us in an unassailable position. On two Bob got the better of Matias giving up a piece to keep white’s king in the middle and creating enough to win the game. Phil on three got his opening a little wrong leaving him with structural difficulties however in a complex position he lured Paul into a mating net. Finally on board one Derek was a queen for rook down but creating threats with Rob down to his last 20 seconds.  White gave back the material to go into a rook ending a pawn up which resulted in a draw.

A comprehensive team win and credit to Bath for putting together a team rather than trying to rearrange.

So half way through the season and we’ve done pretty well considering we are short of a number of players (although hardly a unique lament this season). It may be if we are able to strengthen after Christmas we could be in the title race although at the moment it does seem a straight fight between the University and Downend.

1Derek Pugh (2152).5Rob Hearne (1941).5
2Matias Candelario (2139)0Bob Gore (UNG)1
3Phil Nendick (1995)1Paul Osborne (1603)0
4Nigel Pollett (1776)1Andreas Stalidis (UNG)0
5James Facey (1689)1Roy Whaley (1292)0
6Mikey Wright (1812)1William Waldron (1008)0
 Horfield A4.5Bath A1.5

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