Match Report: Clevedon C vs Horfield B (14 February): Valentine’s Day victory

Off to the cricket club with the romantic coastal view for chocolates and roses chess.

On one Piotr, had an open and dynamic game with Brian. The opening was watchful but black decided to expand his queen side pawns and the centre exploded and white’s pieces were better placed to take advantage of the open files and diagonals. Piotr was able to win material and whilst Brian continued to try to find threats especially along the second rank white had enough resources to control the threats and with the loss of another piece inevitable black did the decent thing in a hopeless position. On two Judd and Michael played a slightly confusing opening where white had developed his pieces far more effectively but then wasn’t able to make this temporary advantage count. Black equalised and a very even looking rook and knight endgame ensued. Rooks were exchanged and the split of pawns favoured Judd slightly. After 15 moves of knight hoping and king positioning black was able to create threats on both sides of the board, win a pawn and then a second to create passers and take the game. Hard slog.

Alex lost to Ben who after we are told 5,000 games of online preparation made his over the board debut and won out with the black pieces. Finally on four Mike, despite missing early chances, was mainly in control against David. The game swung back and forth as loose pawns fell from time to time and they reached a knight and three for white versus bishop and four for black. Mike seized his chance to exchange bishop for knight and with the clear winning pawn structure won through.

In the end a comfortable win for our B team.

1Brian Crewe (1636)0Piotr Zielinski (1595)1
2Michael Dean (1395)0Judd Chidwick (UNG)1
3Ben McGurrell (UNG)1Alex Dunn (1532)0
4David Wilson (1333)0Mike Jennings (1496)1
 Clevedon C1Horfield B3

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