Match Report: University C vs Horfield C (3 March): Three wins in a week

Our fourth fixture against a University team this season. Before last night we were 0-3. Everyone obviously knows this is the one that mattered though.

It was a night of four short games at the Student Union; with the longest lasting only 32 moves. So in order of shortest to longest here we go:

On board 3 Judd took 22 moves to win against Stash. Black got into trouble straight out of the opening and after a couple of inaccurate moves allowed white to mess up the kingside pawns and keep the black king in the centre. The denouement of mate delivered by queen and knight against a king sandwiched between its rooks was very tidy indeed. On board 2 Piotr and Conor detained each other for 23 moves. Piotr equalised almost immediately against Conor’s London system and when all the minor pieces had gone and the pawns were rock solid a draw was agreed. To be honest it never looked like anything else. On board 4 Owen was taken to 25 moves by Rasvydas. The opening was pretty even but white thought he could grab a free pawn but it allowed Owen to make a double attack against rook and the unprotected g2 (with the rook on h1 next on the menu). Owen, a rook to the good, got his central pawns rolling, and with white’s king still marooned in the middle (finally on f4) and a second black queen on the board white sensibly called time on the game. So match won and just board one left.

Nigel got into a right pickle in the middle game with his king still centralised and a really ugly position and did well just to come out the exchange down but still in deep positional difficulties, however he managed to avoid further misfortunes and simplified into a more comfortable position with an extra and passed central pawn on the sixth protected by his bishop. A draw was agreed which probably was about right as it was difficult to see how either side would make much progress. 3-1 to Horfield C on the night rounding off a week where we won all three of our matches. Such riches.

1Seb Skalski (1488).5Nigel Pollett (1773).5
2Conor Newton (1537).5Piotr Zielinski (1617).5
3Stash Dsouza (UNG)0Judd Chidwick (1736)1
4Rasvydas Slajus (UNG)0Owen Rees (1596)1
 University C1Horfield C3

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