Match Report: Horfield D vs Downend F (20 September)

A decent first outing for the D team. Mike played a mainly even game but James held an advantage in the endgame but blundered his rook and from there it was easy for Mike. Harry probably had an edge into the middlegame but Leon manoeuvred well and built a winning position. However black was very short on time and offered a draw which Harry gratefully accepted. Graham proved too good for Shaun on the night and Kana and Nick shared the spoils on board four.

After the false start against Haramabee last week it was good to win a match over the board. So four points from two matches and all players still undefeated. It is unlikely to last!

1Mike Jennings (1524)1James Meadows (1461)0
2Harry Duckworth (1471).5Leon Smith (1479).5
3Graham Strickland (1435)1Shaun Walsh (1376)0
4Kana Balasubramaniam (1329).5Nick Woods (1365).5
 Horfield D3Downend F1

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