Match report: Horfield A vs Downend B (19 October)


Downend were without Oli and Graham but had managed to whistle up Michael as an excellent board 1 replacement and Tena, a WFM with a previous rating of 1960, for board six. We were 4 A team regulars short of a full team but the B team replacements did an entirely adequate job of winning 4 points out of 4. I wasn’t there but I know James won on time in a winning position and John got the better of the time scramble in a rook and pawn endgame, otherwise you can imagine the excitement yourself.

I had enquired with the Downend B captain whether we could rearrange the fixture. Glad they said no.

1Michael Ashworth (2173).5Callum Brewer (2236).5
2Indy Southcott-Moyers (2158).5Derek Pugh (2140).5
3Reinhold Heinlein (2097)0Phil Nendick (1993)1
4Mark Morris (1997)0John Richards (1950)1
5Dominique Conterno (1836)0Mike Levene (1922)1
6Tena Frank (UNG)0James Facey (1700)1
 Downend B1Horfield A5

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