Bristol 2nd Autumn Rapid Play Tournament (30 October)

We had eight players at the Bristol Rapid play. This is not a tournament report but instead something much more parochial; similar to ‘Fog in the Channel; Continent cut off’.

Derek finished on 5/6, half a point behind the winner. His blot was against Chris Beaumont and his last round evisceration of Aron Saunders was quite something. Callum finished in the third group on 4.5/6 his only loss to the winner Yichen and his tally included a win against the legend that is Jim Sherwin (and thus gets him a ‘Fischer number’).

Further down the pecking order I managed 3.5/6, James and Piotr on 3 each. Kana did terrifically with 2.5/6 and a performance rating of 1852. His results included a win over Graham Iwi and draws against Andrew Borkowski and the 2100+ rated Indy Southcott-Moyers. Mike rallied after a slow start to finish on 2.5 and Judd also ended up on 2.5 but got the pleasure of running Jim Sherwin really close in round 2.

In the intra Horfield games Derek beat James and me (as if anything else was going to happen) and I squeezed past Judd in our game.

Full results here:


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