Match Report: Horfield A vs Clifton A (1 November)

Clifton were 3 from 3 coming into this match but decided they’d challenge themselves by only bringing five players and no James Cobb.

On board 1 Callum and Chris played a surprisingly conventional QGD opening. After minor complications in the middlegame, that involved a queen trade, white missed black’s Rd2 attacking bishop and b2 pawn. Chris promptly offered a draw and Callum accepted having reviewed the boards and the match situation. Whilst black probably had a slight edge it would have been hard to push for the win; a pawn up but white had compensation in the form of activity. Plus a draw with the black pieces against the IM can’t be sniffed at. On 2 Gareth was late arriving and it possibly affected his opening with Matias certainly feeling like he had an advantage into the middlegame. Black lost tempi with a misplaced queen allowing white to attack with queen and rook forcing black to give up a pawn to stop the attack. From there it was relatively straight-forward for Matias who converted the win nicely. On 3 John expanded early out of the opening on the queenside and left Derek struggling for a plan to generate any activity. However white couldn’t quite find the knock-out blow and then short on time traded down into a heavy piece endgame and equality much to black’s relief.  John proffered the draw and Derek didn’t think twice about accepting it. On board 4 Andy unfortunately got the wrong side of the result against David. Finally on board 5 Igor and Peter played a slow cautious opening following which white advanced his pawns on the kingside with f4, g4, and h4 but this always comes with a risk and led to some pawn weaknesses. Igor missed a tactic and decided to sacrifice an exchange to continue the attack on Peter’s king, there were further complications but black was able to liquidate down to a winning endgame the exchange up and a player as competent as Mr Kirby wasn’t going to mess it up.

So a comfortable 4-2 win for the A team. With Downend B team beating the University last night there is a four-way tie at the top of Division 1. Exciting times.

1Callum Brewer (2217).5Chris Beaumont (2308).5
2Matias Candelario (2146)1Gareth Morris (2083)0
3Derek Pugh (2141).5John Curtis (2016).5
4Andy Hill (2021)0David Collier (1947)1
5Peter Kirby (2056)1Igor Doklestic (1845)0
6Judd Chidwick (1859)1Default0
 Horfield A4Clifton A2

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