Match Report: Horfield D fall to University C (2 March)

A rare defeat for the D team. Joaquim got us off to a great start on board two where he was pleased with the position out of the opening. He then lined up bishop and queen against white’s king which had castled long side and then used his pawns to kick away the defending pieces to deliver a back-rank mate with a nicely placed pawn on d3 preventing the king from escaping. From there the match went south. Kana and Graham lost their games. Graham had gained a pawn early but Samson had compensation and placed his queen and one of his rooks on the c file to win c2 creating a breakthrough and with his bishop on a3 he forced an exchange of heavy pieces and created a passed pawn backed up by his bishop and knight causing Graham to concede the defeat.

Finally Mike had lost a pawn in the opening but had good compensation and active pieces. After some exchanges Tom’s queen became exposed and Mike might have been able to win a number of pawns with an exchange sacrifice but it wasn’t completely obvious and black was able to get his pieces onto more active squares and white ended up in a passive position with his pieces tied to the defence of a pawn. However Tom became too adventurous with his king  and gave Mike an opportunity for a mate in two (missed sadly). Mike was very short on time and won the exchange for a pawn but with 2 rooks against bishop and rook and 2 connected passed pawns a draw by perpetual meant the game ended in a draw and the match went to the students 2.5-1.5.


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