Match Report: Horfield C vs South Bristol B (16 March): Honours even

A fast paced match at the Folk centre on Thursday. James and Freddie were first to finish on board six, James lost a piece early, didn’t recover and it was done. On board 4 Scott levelled the match by winning against Chris. Black had launched a speculative knight expedition followed by a queen check causing some confusion and allowing Scott to win queen for knight. Game over after 20 moves. Then board 3 finished next; Piotr and Andrew had drawn earlier this season and the same happened again. Just 17 moves this time and the match was still level.

Lionel put us ahead by beating Rod on board 5. White was solid out of the opening and with a strong pawn on d5 he had control of the centre. Black lost the exchange and Lionel was able to force the queens pawn through to d7 and the game was over. Ahead on the night. Shortly afterwards James and Gareth drew on the top board leaving just board 2 in play. Luke had been solid against Jon but then unravelled in the centre and South Bristol levelled the match.

All done just after 9.30 and an early night for everyone. A creditable mid-table draw

1Gareth Cullen (1716).5James Facey (1715).5
2Jon White (1606)1Luke Millard (1728)0
3Andrew Milborrow (1417).5Piotr Zielinski (1634).5
4Chris Edwards (1825)0Scott White (1544)1
5Rod Taylor (1473)0Lionel Germane (1612)1
6Freddie Pick (1512)1James Kirk (1524)0
 South Bristol B3Horfield C3

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