Match Report: C team finish with draw against Hanham (25 April)

Our last match of the season and a trip to the home of Tom Cribb, although we managed to get through our match with only limited bare-knuckle boxing.

Mike and Barry on board 6 finished first. Mike allowed Barry to build a frightening kingside attack and had to give up queen for rook to hold off the mate. From there it was a straight-forward exercise for white to wrap up the game and put the first point on the board. We levelled the match with Joaquim comfortably beating Matt on board 5. Firstly black gave up a pawn and then a piece and from there white just had to avoid any tricksy traps to ease through. This was Joaquim’s tenth win of his debut season (against only five defeats) which is pretty impressive.

Next to finish was board 3. The centre had been denuded of pawns resulting in a board good for rooks and bishops but lousy for knights. After both Luke and Jon tried to find tactical shots and traps heavy pieces were exchanged and a draw was agreed in a very even position; Luke’s first draw of the season in his twelfth game. Shortly afterwards Judd and Ernest drew on board 1. White had forced a backward e pawn and pressure up the file but black had enough resources to hold the position and enough space to stop his pieces falling over each other. After some thinking another draw was agreed. Tiiu and Pete were next to conclude on board 2. Black had equalised early and had a slight edge with a backward c pawn to aim at but white’s knight whilst offering nothing attacking played a good defensive role and there weren’t even any exchange sacrifice options. Another draw.

Last to finish was board 4. Phil had created pressure and the game quickly moved to a double rook end game with white a pawn up and black protecting a backwards d pawn. Scott had some counter play against the c pawn but white continued to manoeuvre to leave black in a passive defensive position. However with white’s clock ticking down (and no increments being used at Hanham due to their strict curfew) Phil offered the draw and the match finished all square. Which felt about fair.

1Ernest White (1785).5Judd Chidwick (1775).5
2Tiiu Loog (1656).5Pete Marks (1759).5
3Jon Gould (1625).5Luke Millard (1685).5
4Phil Lawson (1527).5Scott White (1558).5
5Matt Howells (1471)0Joaquim Luque (1645)1
6Barry Davies (1466)1Mike Jennings (1522)0
 Hanham3Horfield C3

As a final note. It was pointed out after the game that Judd was ineligible for the game as playing down grades are based on 1 September rather than current grades. As a result the match result on the LMS will show a Hanham win but the actual game on board one won’t be affected. Apologies all for the mistake.


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